Sustainable Living in San Francisco

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If you live in San Francisco or other parts of the Bay Area, and are interested in finding and sharing resources on how to live a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and/or ethical lifestyle, please join. It's unrealistic to expect that we can all live 100% sustainable lives, so these are just some ideas and options for improvement, and we welcome people from all walks of life. You don't have to be a vegan, pagan, tree-hugging, environmentalist, social activist. But it certainly helps. ;-)

I don't like to put up lots of rules, so as moderator, I'd just like you to consider these 2 things:

1) Use your judgment when it comes to posting ads or other promotions here. If it's your friend's band playing somewhere, unless the show's proceeds are going to some related cause, then it will probably get deleted.
2) Please consider that we all face different obstacles in terms of time, money, and other circumstances that may prohibit us from living ideal lifestyles. So as long as we're doing our part in some way, please do not use this forum to be judgmental, accusatory, or to get up on a high horse. Please encourage and support each other. If we can't sustain ourselves, then what hope do we have for this planet?